This is the first in a series of posts we hope you’ll enjoy. We’ve asked friends who’ve played a role in helping us keep Kahana Nui not only beautiful, but a meaningful and vibrant part of our West Maui community.

“The Surfing Realtor”

First up is Buz Moffet. (He and Suzy were the ones that first built Kahana Nui.)

Buz Moffett Owner, Principal Broker – Moffett Properties, is one Hawaii’s Top One Hundred Realtors “Selling More Properties Than 99.85% of Hawaii Realtors”.

Kahana Nui: Where did you grow up?
Buz: I grew up in Lahaina and graduated High School at Lahainaluna.

Kahana Nui: How long have you been on island?
Buz: My entire life with short stints on Big Island and Oahu for college.

Kahana Nui: Why do you do what you do?
Buz: Aside from being selfish and wanting to be in charge of my own life? I love helping people and showing off Maui.

Kahana Nui: How did you start out doing what you do?
Buz: I was born this way. My family was in construction and development on Maui in the 60’s, 70’s, and into the 80’s.

Kahana Nui: What’s the one thing about your job that makes you smile?
Buz: I love seeing happy people proud of owning a home in paradise.

Kahana Nui: What is one thing about your job you wish was different?
Buz: I wish that I could take breaks and not have it effect my business when I get home.

Kahana Nui: What is your favorite spot on island?
Buz: Kahana. Why do you think I built my own dream home in Kahana?

Kahana Nui: If you mapped out a perfect day on island, what would it look like?
Buz: Up early and out on the boat with friends and family and going to the back side of Molokai.

Kahana Nui: One word to describe your life today?